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Different Types & Styles of Skylights for Your Home

While new builds and renovations are surging across Canada, different styles of homes are beginning to gain popularity. Knowing the different types of skylights can help you pick your dream home's features.

If you're curious about installing or upgrading a skylight, we're here to help! Read on to learn more about the different designs of skylights and the benefits of each.

a brand new skylight installed by Allied Glass in Victoria, BC

Types of Skylights

The first feature to consider is the different types of skylights. You can find three types, including ventilating, fixed, and tubular lights. Each will affect skylight energy efficiency, lighting, and other features.



A ventilating skylight is ideal for a skylight you may need to open. These are ideal for rooms that need excess ventilation for moisture. Kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms are perfect spots for these skylights.



A fixed skylight works similarly to a window that you can't open. These skylights provide no ventilation and typically have a plastic dome to protect them. You'll find a fixed skylight somewhere well out of reach.



Tubular skylights are easy to install and great for smaller spaces. Their shape could provide a better view, but they're suitable for lighting. The reflective tube inside is adjustable to help you light up your pantries, closets, or foyers.

installing a skylight


Styles of Skylights

Now that we know the three designs, what about the styles? At Allied Glass, we're experts in any style of skylight. Here are the four most popular styles of skylights.



Flat skylights affix to your ceiling and function as a flat surface. These skylights are sometimes tilted to match the slope of a roof. Flat skylights are great for sloped or flat roofs but don't fit other home styles.



Domed skylights are frequently seen in smaller homes. Many tubular skylights are domed, as the design helps to capture more light.


Domed skylights are sometimes more petite, but the design fits a smaller skylight well. You may find a domed skylight in a restroom, but the dome is often hidden from the outside.



Pyramid skylights fit a more modern aesthetic. Pyramid skylights go well with roofs and homes that use sharp angles or flat surfaces. The pyramid shape helps to capture more light, sometimes combining a mirror to reflect the light effectively.



Arched skylights are rare in residential homes. These skylights tend to have a larger area and usually can open. In many places, an arched skylight doubles as access to a roof.

Because of their size, arched skylights bring more light. They're great for large homes or buildings and can drastically reduce a lighting bill.


Select the Best Skylight with Victoria’s Allied Glass!

The many different types of skylights each fit their purpose with fantastic benefits. If you're looking into skylight energy efficiency, consider what works best for your home. Comparing skylight costs is a solid place to start, but remember the aesthetic of your home.

Contact Allied Glass in Victoria to request a quote today!



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