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Professional Glass Repair in Victoria: Restoring Clarity and Safety

At Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd, we specialize in providing top-notch glass repair solutions that go beyond just fixing cracks. Our team of skilled professionals in Victoria is equipped to assess the condition of your glass and provide expert evaluations. Whether it's a shattered storefront, a damaged window, or another glass-related concern, we can assess the situation and provide suitable replacement options. You can rely on us to deliver exceptional service and restore the use and aesthetics of your glass installations thanks to our dedication to providing quality, service, and value to our customers and our years of experience in the field. Discover the difference Allied Glass can make for all your glass repair needs in Victoria.

Emergency Glass Repair

Our team also offers emergency glass services in Victoria. We are available 24/7 to assist in securing your home or business after accidental breakage, break-ins, storm damage or wear and tear. We will secure the premises immediately and arrange for the necessary parts and materials to affect the repairs.


We service commercial buildings containing single-paned glazing, thermal windows, safety glass, aluminum doors including hardware. We also serve residential customers with double-pane insulated window glass repair and replacement, patio door insulated glass, hardware service, and aluminum window glass panes. You can rely on us to use quality materials to deliver reliable, professional services for almost all glass panes.


A broken window pane can result in security issues. Our window glass repair and replacement services can quickly get you back in business. Count on us to provide glass solutions for windows, doors, bathrooms, offices, shopping malls, and more.


Looking for residential or commercial glass repair in Victoria? Don't hesitate to contact us; we will reply ASAP!

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Fixing Broken Glass

Types of Glass Damage and Window Repair

Numerous issues can adversely affect how your windows, doors, shower doors and skylights function. Fortunately, at Allied Glass, we can address most types of glass damage and provide you with personalized maintenance solutions. Here are some common issues we can help resolve:

  • Broken glass: Cracks in glass are a common complaint. Cracks in glass can occur due to weather damage or vandalism, affecting residential windows and commercial storefronts.

  • Failed seals: Double-paned windows fog up when their seal is compromised. This is usually due to aging in your doors and windows. These air leakages can cause discomfort inside your property because they affect its insulation.

  • Water and air leakage: Water and air leakage can affect skylights, doors, and windows. If left untreated, this leakage will affect energy efficiency in the home and can even cause property damage, affecting market value.

  • Worn parts: Window and patio door parts wear out. We carry the largest stock of parts in town and have the technical know-how to install them.

Whatever your requirements might be, we can provide you with complete glass repair and parts replacement. Our team will assess the needs and provide you with cost-effective replacement options.

Why Window Repairs?

Much like a car, your windows need maintenance. Parts wear out. Doors and windows become difficult to slide open and closed when rollers seize, or bearings wear out. Awning window hinges break, making the window difficult to open and close, or they just don’t sit square in the frame. Weather stripping fails. Handles break. Rollers seize up. We have all the parts you need to keep those doors, windows and sliding patio doors functioning like new.

Double-paned windows are designed to sandwich a layer of air between two panes of glass. After many years of service, those seals will fail, resulting in condensation build-up or a foggy window appearance. Our team of technicians will measure and replace those failed units expertly. No need to replace the entire window. Just repair it!

We also understand that broken glass is a safety hazard, but even simple cracks, if left unattended, can weaken the glass. This results in the risk of the glass shattering if too much pressure is applied. Cracks in your window can affect the temperature inside, leaving you to crank up the heat and spend more than you should on your energy bill. Cracks in your windows, mirrors, skylights, shower stalls, railings, sunrooms, and other glass features may give your guests or customers the wrong impression. For quick residential and commercial glass repairs, contact us today!

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We Fix the Smash in a Flash

For all your glass repair needs, give us a call anytime and talk to our experts.

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