Efficient Glass Repairs 

Allied Glass offers emergency glass repairs and replacements in Victoria, BC. From thermal windows and double-pane window glass to insulated glass and aluminum window glass panes, we replace them all. You can rely on us for using quality materials to deliver quality services for almost all types of glass panes.


A broken windowpane or glass can result in security issues. With our window glass repair and replacement services, we can get you back on the business quickly. Count on us to provide glass solutions for windows, doors, bathrooms, offices, shopping malls, and more.

Why Window Repairs?

We understand that broken glass is a safety hazard but even simple cracks, if left unattended, can weaken the glass. This results in the risk of the glass shattering if too much pressure is applied. Cracks in your window can affect the temperature inside, leaving you to crank up the heat and spend more than you should on your energy bill. Cracks in your windows, mirrors, skylights, shower stalls, railings, sunrooms, and other glass features may give the wrong impressions to your guests or customers. For a quick residential and commercial glass repairs, contact Allied Glass.

We Fix the Smash in a Flash

For all your glass repair needs, give us a call anytime and talk to our experts.