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Custom Designed Glass Railings in Victoria

Are you looking to add modern appeal to your building? Want to enjoy scenic beauty but don’t want to compromise on your safety? Tempted by full panes of clear, weather-proof tempered glass set into aluminum fittings to add a stylish appearance to your property? Wait no longer. Focus your search on Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd. We offer custom-designed glass railings in Victoria. Choose the best option to customize your property according to your needs.

Allied Glass offers a variety of options for you to choose from, including picket, glass and aluminum and frameless glass rails. We have something to fit your own personal style and budget for your home or business. If you are planning to upgrade or replace your existing railings, ask one of our experts to help you make the right choice!

Safer, Easier, and Compatible Glass Railing Solutions

At Allied Glass, we can help you discover unique ideas for making your railing beautiful. The glass materials used for building your railings are high quality, cost-effective and durable. Our glass technicians are versed in industry standards. When it comes to installing indoor and outdoor glass railings, we provide nothing but safe options, installed to building code standards. Our railings are designed for local wind, impact and snow loads. Let us help you choose what will work best for your home or business. Rest assured, we will guide you at every step to make an informed decision for your safety, enjoyment of your view and overall satisfaction. Our fabricators pay close attention to detail, and all of our railings are fully welded and custom fit to your deck or stairs.

Types of Glass Railing Systems

There are a wide variety of ways in which you can customize the look and feel of your home. Consider these styles and look if these fit your requirements.

  • Conventional Framed Glass Railing: 6mm thick glass panels are secured within the top railing and bottom channel. This railing is the most common and cost effective.
  • Topless Glass Railing: 12 to 16mm thick tempered glass panels are attached to posts using either clips or by inserting into slots contained in the posts themselves. This method attains a 90% clear view by elimination the top rail
  • Standoff Glass Railing: 16mm thick glass panels are the entire structure. No aluminum framing is used. Glass is attached to the face of the deck with solid stainless steel cylinders referred to as standoffs then secured with caps. 100% views are attained with this method.
  • Frameless base shoe railing. Similar to standoff railing in terms of view and glass thickness, these railings differ in that the glass is inserted into a solid aluminum channel mounted to the deck surface.

For more options, visit our store and get expert advice.

Get Your Railings 

Our certified technicians provide you with beautiful glass railings following the below process:

  • Inspiration: Take a look at the options available on our website. 
  • Meet our experts: We’ll then send one of our knowledgeable railing technicians out to meet you and discuss the project in detail.
  • Measurements: After the initial discussion, we will measure out the space, give you an estimate of the project cost, and let you decide which product will suit you best.
  • Engineering: Our team of experts will begin to work and start designing your glass railings to engineered specifications if engineering is required.
  • Fabrication: After making the customized designs, our red seal welder fabricators will begin to build your railing.
  • Dry fit: All the fabricated glass railings will usually be brought to site and fit before painting. Glass sizes will be taken at this stage and glass ordered.
  • Powder Coating: Your railing will go for custom powder coating in the colour you have chosen.
  • Installation: Once glass arrives and powder coating is complete, our team will return and install the finished product.

Our Other Railing Services

In addition to seamless, topless, and post-free glass railing, Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd. also offers aluminum railings, gates, and stair rails for your home or business. This provides the option of an unobstructed view with the safety and protection of a traditional deck rail. 

Give us a call and learn more about the glass railings in Victoria, BC, that you can trust for quality.

Protect Yourself

Ensure your property is completely secure and attractive with the right fencing design and installation, including gates.

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