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Energy-Efficient Glass for Your Next Commercial Project

allied glass energy efficient commercial glass

Glass has become an important part of modern-day architecture. With today’s demand for high-performing materials, it is important to consider how glass can improve the energy efficiency of properties. Energy-efficient glass helps to retain the heat inside your property and reduces the annual heating bills. If you need energy-efficient glass for your commercial project, technicians at Allied Glass & Aluminum Products can help you out.


We provide glass installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Our technicians have the relevant product knowledge and several years of industry experience to serve you better. Our aim is to provide quality service and value to all our customers.


Let’s look into why you should invest in energy-efficient glass.


What Is Energy-Efficient Glass?

Energy-efficient glass is specially made to minimize the passage of ultraviolet and infrared light, without reducing the amount of light that gets in your home. This glass has a microscopically thin transparent coating that reflects heat. The coating helps to consistently maintain the temperature in your home by reflecting the interior temperatures inside.


Benefits of Energy-Efficient Glass

There are various benefits of installing energy-efficient glass, which include:

  • Improved energy efficiency Energy-efficient glass forms part of a broader range of energy-saving measures. If your property also contains loft insulation and cavity wall insulation along with energy-efficient glass, these can all work together to minimize the amount of energy required to heat your home. This will lead to reduced carbon footprint and lower energy bills.

  • Reduced condensation Energy-efficient glass helps to reduce the risk of condensation, which happens when moist air meets a cold surface. The moisture, if not controlled, can damage the glass frame and sometimes may affect the other areas of the room as well.

  • Increased home value Investing in energy-saving improvements for your property will boost its value. Potential buyers are increasingly becoming aware of the eco-credentials of any building they consider purchasing.


Let Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Help

We have been serving the Greater Victoria area for over 60 years. We also handle glass repair, install skylights, showers and sunrooms. Check out our testimonials page to understand the credibility of our work.


Call us today for the installation of energy-efficient glass.


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