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Glass Railings: Can They Increase Your Home’s Value?

glass railing

Glass railings are usually made up of tempered glass, which adds structural rigidity and protects against cracking or damage. Most of the homeowners opt for these railings as they are customizable, add elegance to any space and are low maintenance. They can be a great design solution for spaces such as staircases, decks and walkways. If you are looking for quality glass installations in Victoria, Allied Glass can help. Our experts can handle both residential and commercial glass repairs. We also offer skylights and railings.


Benefits of Glass Railings

Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a glass railing system to your home:

  • Visibility: If you are concerned about lighting and visibility while designing your living space, glass railings can be a great option for you. They are a cost-effective and versatile solution for most design challenges. You can add these railings to your home’s staircase or around the deck to create an illusion of more space. Their sleek design also allows natural sunlight to radiate through your house, giving a more open and airy feel to the indoors.

  • Low Maintenance: This requires little maintenance when compared to wooden railings, which require regular polishing and staining to preserve their shine. Glass railings can be installed outside as they are resistant to most weather conditions. You can use regular glass cleaning products and a lint-free cloth to clean these railings.

  • Durability: Glass railings are safe and durable, offering protection against strong winds, rain and heavy snowfall. They are not prone to corrosion or change in colour due to water exposure. They are also resistant to cracking caused by extreme temperatures.

  • Customization: Highly customizable glass railings allow you to design your space according to your needs. The shape, size and transparency of the glass can be altered to match your interiors or exteriors. You can either opt for a spacious look using a transparent glass or consider frosting the glass surface for greater privacy.

  • Versatility: Glass railing systems offer versatility; they go perfectly well with any other material that you are using in your design. You can use opaque or patterned glass or opt from the many colours, textures and framing options available these days. Whether you use wood, metal or stone for the risers and handrails, glass will always complement the overall look.

  • Affordable: Glass railings are quite affordable when compared to other materials. The price of the glass varies according to its thickness; a 5-foot section of 3/8-inch glass will cost around $240 while a 1/4-inch section will be significantly less expensive.

Glass is eco-friendly as it is chemically inert and recyclable. It adds a sophisticated, modern touch to any residential or commercial space, thereby increasing its value. It also offers quick and easy installation.


For glass railing installations in Victoria, get in touch with Allied Glass. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, our experts ensure personalized care and attention. We provide 24/7 residential and commercial emergency glass repair service.

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Contact us today for further queries or to request a quote.


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