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How to Clean and Care for Aluminum Railings (It’s Super Easy)

aluminum railing

One of the best parts about having aluminum railings (as opposed to wood or iron) is how super easy they are to maintain! A light cleaning every six months and a yearly looksee at components are all that’s required to ensure your railings remain in tip-top shape.


The Basic Cleaning

The first thing you should know is that aluminum typically has a protective coating applied to it that gradually emits a white chalky powder. This is completely natural and also easy to remove if you find it unsightly. Simply wipe it down with a moist, soft sponge and then apply a product like Vim or Soft Scrub to reintroduce shine.

Otherwise, aluminum railings typically require no more than a gentle rubdown twice a year. Simply use water, a soft sponge and a mild, non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down the whole thing. Follow up with a thorough rinsing and you’re all done! An added cleaning or two may be needed if your deck and aluminum railings overlook the ocean and are thereby exposed to excessive salt spray, not an unusual occurrence here in gorgeous Victoria, BC.


Additional Cleaning Tips

Additional advice to keep your aluminum railings at their best includes the following:

  • Fasteners can be coated with car wax to help prevent oxidation. This quickly accomplished task can be added to your basic cleaning routine.

  • Don’t use a dry sponge, scrub pad, or steel wool to clean your aluminum railing. These could and probably will scratch the surface.

  • Don’t use solvents, cleaners with solvents or other types of abrasive cleaners.

  • Remove minor scuffs and scratches with a product like Vim or Soft Scrub.

  • Always remove tree sap, seeds and bugs ASAP. These organic materials can become difficult to remove if left to bake in the sun.


The Care

The only thing your railings require other than the above outlined cleaning regime is a yearly look at the fasteners to make sure they’re still nice and tight. If they’re loose, they should be tightened to ensure the railing remains secure.

If your aluminum railings are supporting glass panes, you can use this opportunity to also inspect the glass for potential dings and cracks, effectively ensuring that your complete railing is in good shape.


If You Need Repair

Did you notice extensive damage on your aluminum railing or possibly one of the glass panels it supports? In Victoria, BC Allied Glass is available for all repairs to glass and glass components. Simply get in touch with us to schedule a free on-site inspection and we’ll have your railing in better-than-new condition in no time.


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