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How to Keep Your Shower’s Glass Doors Sparkly

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Installing glass shower doors in the bathroom creates the illusion of a larger space and allows the beauty of your shower tile design to show through. For many homeowners in Victoria, though, it makes a big difference when your shower doors shine from being so clean.

While glass doors look gorgeous and fit into almost any bathroom decor, they are a bit of a chore to look after. But if you want to keep your shower doors as spotless as the day they arrived, a small amount of regular effort will go a long way.


Five ways to make your shower doors sparkle again

  1. Squeegee every day You know you should wipe your glass shower doors after each use, but if you’re like most people in Victoria, it’s hard to get into the habit. It is, however, the single most important step in preventing soapy buildup. Try keeping a squeegee on a hook inside your shower to help you remember to use it. After squeegeeing, quickly dry the glass using a clean microfibre cloth to prevent hard water spots.

  2. Seal the glass once a month. Soap scum, hard water deposits and grime cling to glass surfaces and can cause permanent etching on glass shower doors. To prevent this, visit a local hardware store in Victoria. You will find automobile water repellents, such as Rain-X or Turtle Wax, which also do a great job for treating shower doors. Apply once a month to keep your shower doors sparkling for weeks!

  3. Use a liquid body wash. Bar soaps produce suds that are difficult to remove when dried onto shower surfaces and are the most common culprit for soap scum buildup. You can avoid this simply by using liquid body wash, which leaves less residue, instead.

  4. Release the magic. The Magic Eraser, that is. This product makes quick work of neglected glass shower doors, and can be used to clean the metal hardware in your shower as well. It is widely available in the cleaning supplies aisle at grocery stores across Victoria.

  5. Raid the laundry room. A lesser-known way to get rid of soap scum buildup (and make your bathroom smell wonderful in the process) is to use a fabric softener sheet. Just wet it and rub it on the glass. The same properties that soften your fabrics soften the stuck-on soap. Then simply rinse and dry with a cloth.


Glass Replacement and Repair in Victoria, BC

At Allied Glass & Aluminium Products LTD., we can replace tired, foggy looking glass shower doors and give your bathroom a clean, stylish new look that will improve the quality of your entire home. We also offer an Enduro-shield product that pre-treats the glass in the factory so it has a permanent coating that repels anything that would normally cling to the glass in your shower. To learn more, contact us today!


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