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How to Winterize Your Residential and Commercial Glass Doors to Stay Warm

Glass doors provide views of the natural landscape, allow natural light to shine indoors and are an esthetically pleasing design element. But even the most stunning glass door can become a nuisance if it’s letting the cold air in all winter long. Keep reading for three simple tips to help you get your glass doors ready for winter.

Glass Doors and Cold Drafts

Glass windows and doors are the most common source of heating loss in homes and businesses all across Canada. And the more windows that you have, the more heat you’ll lose. Even newly installed windows might allow a bit of heat to escape.

Why is This a Big Deal?

You might appreciate the ocean fresh air we get during the summer in Victoria, but not all Vancouver Island seasons are so pleasant. Even a small leak in the window’s structure can have a big impact on your heating costs when the temperature is below zero.

Is it Possible to Solve this Issue?

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to stop the winter winds from cooling your indoor air: locate the source of the draft and seal it or insulate the windows.

1. Sealing the draft

Locate the source of the draft by slowly moving a lit candle around the entire window frame. You’ll know if outdoor air is entering your home if the candle flame starts to flicker. Once you have discovered where the draft is coming from, use one of the following methods to plug the leak.

  • Window Caulking: Caulking is a great choice for the non-sliding part of your patio doors and can be very effective at stopping drafts.

  • Weather-stripping: Weather-stripping is a simple and inexpensive way to stop leaks on the moving parts of a glass door if you’re unable to apply caulking.

  • Draft stoppers: Seal the draft using a draft stopper or even a rolled-up towel.

  • Tighten hardware: If the draft is coming from the door’s hardware, tightening the screws may be enough to keep the cold air out.

2. Insulate the entire window

Your second option is to insulate the entire window. Apply a plastic film to the entire door, or try thermal curtains for a more aesthetically pleasing option.

For more information on how to maintain your glass doors and windows, visit Allied Glass today. We’ve proudly provided residential and commercial glass sales, installation, service and repair to Victoria and surrounding areas for more than 50 years.

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