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Planning for a Bathroom Remodel? Here Is What You Need to Know

Bathroom remodelled by allied glass with glass shower doors

Bathroom renovations come with a lot of consideration based on budget, lifestyle and family needs. Choosing the right design that blends with your fixtures and amenities can give your bathroom the modern look that it needs. Fixtures such as glass shower doors, tiles and custom mirrors can turn your remodelling imagination into reality. If you are looking for glass shower doors in Victoria, BC, get in touch with Allied Glass. We have a range of custom designs such as shower door replacements, shower enclosures, frameless glass shower doors and bathroom mirrors that matches your needs.

Some of the things you should know before planning a bathroom remodel are:


1. Create a Budget

Create a plan to outline what you want in a bathroom renovation. Consider the costs based on the change of fixtures, layout, adding vanity or a heated floor. Narrow the scope of your work to get a better understanding of what needs to be remodeled. Based on these considerations, you can plan your bathroom on a budget.


2. Bathroom Layout

For a well-designed bathroom, ensure the layout is designed in a way to have precise space between all the fixtures. Here are a few tips to remodel your bathroom layout:

  • Choose a vanity that is integrated with a washbasin and storage space. Check for a countertop that pairs with your bathroom theme. The height of the vanity should be decided based on wheelchair accessibility if necessary

  • Separate the toilet area from the rest of the room

  • Ensure enough space is present between the shower and bathtub area

  • Include shelves/cabinets to store toiletries


3. Choosing the Flooring Options

Bathroom floors should be selected based on water and humidity resistance. Along with easy maintenance, look for flooring options that reduces accidental falls. Consider the size of the floor tile as small tiles will look great for mid-sized bathrooms. Some popular options available are vinyl, ceramic and wood.


4. Choosing Other Features

Ensure your bathroom design plans include materials such as backsplash, lighting and cabinets.

  • Backsplash - Choose creative designs while installing backsplashes. You can use materials such as marble or tile based on your overall bathroom layout.

  • Lighting - Ensure proper lighting fixtures are available to meet your daily needs. Functional Use - Make sure the light fixtures are properly installed to help you with chores such as applying makeup or shaving. The light should not cast shadows on your face. Decorative Lighting - Choose low-hanging lights and a dimmer switch. You can also illuminate plants or artwork to increase the aesthetics of your bathroom.

  • Cabinets – Storage should be the main priority while designing cabinets. Ensure you have enough room to keep your toiletries and linens.


5. Glass Shower Doors

If you want your bathroom to look bigger, consider glass shower doors. With glass shower doors, your bathroom will look sleek and modern. They are durable, easy to clean and custom-designed.


Allied glass provides frameless glass shower doors for residential and commercial properties in Victoria, BC. We have been providing skylights, railings and sunrooms for the past 50 years.


Contact us today to install your choice of glass shower doors.


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