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The Business Design Guide to Commercial Doors

Commercial glass doors in a commercial building

Choosing the right storefront or commercial doors is important for a business. The exterior of your business is the first impression. The front door solidifies this impression as it is the last barrier between the outside and your business. 

An average door goes unnoticed, but a door of quality can enhance and establish your business apart from others. When owning a business, you're selling not only a product or service but also selling an experience.

Especially if you have a physical business, your commercial property or storefront is the first part of the consumer's experience. Think of it as the "welcome" sign.

Here's just how to choose or design the best commercial doors for your business.


Commercial Doors Design Guide

Commercial and storefront business doors can be made with several different types of design. Each one can serve a specific or dual functionality. Depending on your type of business, you may want to consider your available options in terms of design.

Single door or Double?

If there is enough space in the opening and in the budget, a double set of doors provides a grander entrance and more space for moving people and products in and out. Single doors are more economical but still versatile.


Automatic or manual?

Does the door need a handicap operator or will a manual door do?

A variety of light and heavy duty closers are available to suit your needs

What about other hardware? Some doors need to be equipped with panic hardware for use as an emergency exit.

Does the door need added security such as keyless fob entry for employees? A variety of automatic or manual locks are also available along with electronic key fob locks.


Aluminum Doors With Glass

Aluminum doors with glass are most popular as they are affordable, durable and secure while remaining stylish and sleek. Aluminum doors with glass are ideal for storefronts or commercial properties with high-end service, products, or clientele.


Full Glass Doors (frameless)

Full glass doors are ideal for decorative or aesthetic purposes. Similar to aluminum doors with glass, full glass doors convey an image of elegance, professionalism, and sophistication. However, many commonly believed that full glass doors do not provide enough security.

Since they are heavy glass (typically half-inch thick) and tempered for safety, full glass doors provide security and remain durable. Locks and handles are “patched” into cutouts in the glass and secured in place.


Glass Doors Provide the Best of Both Worlds

At Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd, we can provide your commercial property or business storefront with the best of both worlds, glass doors. We are Victoria, BC, go-to for both residential and commercial glass installations and repairs.

If you would like a quote, contact us today, we'd love to get you sorted! With over 50 years of experience, we can guarantee that we will properly install or repair your glass so that it fits right, right away!



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