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Reliable Glass Replacement in Victoria

Allied Glass & Aluminium Products Ltd is your trusted glass replacement partner in Victoria. If you are looking to replace the broken window glass or failed sealed units in your home, we can provide you with reliable glass services at fair rates. Our workmen can match your old glass with new to meet your specific requirements. Our attention to detail ensures an accurate installation job. Reach out to us for glass replacement in Victoria.


With years of experience, we can perform all kinds of repair and replacement services for your glass. Whether you need to fix the broken or failed glass in your residential windows or for your retail storefront, shelving or showcase panels, we can ensure an efficient replacement job. Our team of professionals can replace your old glass with new quickly and efficiently

Don't Let Broken Glass Affect the Curb Appeal of Your Home!

The windows and doors in your home add to its curb appeal, security and energy efficiency.. Failed sealed units will appear foggy or stained between the panes. Broken, chipped, or cracked glass can mar the appearance of your home. Enhance the look of your home by simply replacing the glass in your windows or doors.

How To Tell if You Need New Glass?

Are you uncertain about replacing or repairing glass in your home? Read on to understand why you may need to replace your old glass instead of repairing it:

  • Stains: Is your window glass stained between the panes or does it appear foggy? Do you have hard water stains on your glass? Stains can visibly reduce visibility and affect energy efficiency.

  • Chips or cracks: Chipped or cracked glass will affect the appearance and security of your home. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, it is better to replace glass before it causes further problems.

What Types of Glass Can Be Replaced?

Not sure what type of glass can be repaired or replaced? Here's a list:

  • Window glass
  • Double pane sealed units
  • Fireplace glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Glass shower doors
  • Interior and exterior glass railings
  • Glass mirrors
  • Sliding glass patio door
  • Railing glass
  • Skylight glass

Glass Repairs Vs Glass Replacement

When your glass is damaged, we provide you with the most reasonable solution. In some cases, a repair might be a quick and easy way to deal with the issue. However, in other situations, a replacement might be the better option. Some problems and considerations that necessitate a replacement are:

  • Safety: While a repair might be possible, it might not always be the most secure solution. Replacing an older or severely damaged window will ensure that it does not break and injure your family or your customers.
  • Energy-efficiency: A poorly performing window will affect your property's insulation and put stress on your HVAC system, which in turn will increase your energy bills. Replacing your windows in such a scenario will help you save money in the long run. 
  • Appearance: An aged window with cracks, chips or discolouration will negatively impact the appearance of your property. This will decrease your home's curb appeal or leave a bad impression on your clients and customers. 

There could be other scenarios that suggest a replacement, such as windows with an operational life of more than 15 years, windows that don't close properly and compromise your security and windows that let in drafts and water. If you're on the fence about a window replacement, we invite you to discuss your requirements with one of our team members. We also provide window repairs in Victoria

Emergency Replacement

At Allied Glass, we understand how bothersome a glass emergency can be. On residential properties, it can harm residents and make the temperature inside the home uncomfortable. While on commercial properties, window glass emergencies can affect your security, your customers and lead to downtime. For this reason, we provide emergency glass replacement in Victoria. You can always depend on our quality assistance and minimal response times. 

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we at Allied Glass have served the needs of countless clients. When you choose our glass replacement in Victoria, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experience: We have 60 years of experience in providing superior services to Victoria's residents.

  • Comprehensive services: We provide complete glass replacement services that cover the requirements of both commercial and residential clients.

  • Hands-on assistance: We carefully inspect your unique needs to provide you with tailor-made solutions.

  • 100% customer satisfaction: Our value-driven business takes pride in offering you a hassle-free experience and unmatched customer satisfaction, as testified by our customers.

For glass replacement in Victoria, please schedule an appointmentwith us, or get a no-obligation quote!

Replace the Glass Without Any Fuss

At Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd, we can provide you with complete glass replacement services for your doors, windows and decorative fixtures.

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