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Choose Aluminum Railings for Your Deck in Victoria!

glass and aluminum railing on deck overlooking pacific ocean on vancouver island

In the Pacific Northwest, we get a lot of time to enjoy our decks throughout the year. With mild winters and the breezy summers, having a secure and stylish outdoor living space is essential.

When it comes time to build or renovate an existing outdoor living space, aluminum railings are essential for your plans. The relatively maintenance-free material assures your deck will look great for years to come!

Use this guide to know why choosing an aluminum deck railing system is the right decision for you!


Why You Should Choose Aluminum Railings

It's no secret that it rains a lot in Victoria! The air is humid all year round, coming off Vancouver Island's beaches. This humidity wreaks havoc on wood-constructed outdoor living spaces.

Most Islanders enjoy their outdoor spaces in all seasons, and a deck is essential to comfortable entertaining. In the summer, when the humidity and the temperature are high, wood deck railings are prone to warping. Aluminum deck railing systems don't suffer from this same problem.


Aluminum Railings are Durable

Aluminum railings are a good choice for your deck in Victoria because they are less prone to rusting. Living in a temperate rainforest means your outdoor living space will be exposed to seasonal weather changes.

Corrosion-resistant and rot-free materials are a must for our climate. Aluminum holds up to both heavy snowfall and extreme summer heat dome waves. Aluminum railings also don't scratch, so they will look great for many years to come!


Aluminum Railings Are Easy to Maintain

Vancouver Island is the home to giant cedars, oaks, and maple trees. Flowers also bloom here all year round. All this beautiful vegetation makes Victoria lush yet can leave a lot of debris and pollen to clean up.

It gets windy here, and your outdoor living space requires regular sweeping. Luckily, aluminum railings are easy to clean. They don't require staining or sanding like wood decks. Just a quick sweep and soapy wash down a few times a year will be all you need!


Types of Aluminum Railings

Our city offers plenty of ocean views, and Victorians want to enjoy their scenic paradise from both inside and outside their home. Aluminum railings offer the best view of your natural surroundings and are available in various styles, including aluminum picket, aluminum glass, framed and frameless glass railings.

By pairing aluminum railings with glass panels, you’ll be able to enjoy an open and clear sightline. A topless or frameless railing design provides unobstructed views from both your deck and when looking out your interior windows.

Allied Glass offers custom and tried-and-true designs to enhance any outdoor living space and deck on Vancouver Island.

Building a new aluminum staircase or replacing an old wood railing enhances your home's value and aesthetic appeal. Aluminum railings are offered in various colour options and finishes to suit your decor.


Quality Aluminum Railing Design & Installation in Victoria

At Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd., we want to work with you to create your ideal deck and outdoor living space. Both commercial properties and homeowners benefit from incorporating sturdy and stylish aluminum railings in their design. 

Contact us today if you're ready to learn more and get a free quote!


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