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Choosing the Right Glass and Aluminum Railings

glass and aluminum railing

Glass and aluminum railings in Victoria, BC are a fantastic railing choice for your custom built home, especially when compared to other railing options such as wood, iron, and vinyl. At Allied Glass we take pride in providing homeowners with beautiful aluminum and glass railings in Victoria, BC to add that finishing touch to their dream homes. There are numerous advantages to choosing aluminum and glass railings, and even more advantages to choosing the trusted quality of Allied Glass.


Versatility and Customizability

One of the main benefits to choosing glass and aluminum railings for your home is how wonderfully versatile and customizable they are. They are functional and elegant all at the same time, and come in sleek designs that can easily match the look and style of any home.

Aluminum and glass railings are ideal for both traditional and modern décor schemes, and they can be fully customized to suite your unique vision.

We can manufacture and supply a variety of styles and combinations of glass and aluminum railings to meet your unique design needs:

  • Traditional framed glass railings are the most common choice for a classic look. The glass panels are held in place by an aluminum railing frame.

  • Topless or frameless glass railings to provide an elegant yet safe unobstructed view—whether it be outdoors on your deck or indoors for your staircase, the glass panels provide a sense of security without the framing.

  • Framed railings with aluminum pickets offer a standard, secure border that we can fully customize for your project.


Indoor and Outdoor Uses

Aluminum and glass railings in Victoria, BC, are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoors they can serve as stylish stairway or loft railings, while outdoors they can provide a touch of class around any patio, deck, or pool area. Because Allied Glass railings come in so many different designs, you can easily use aluminum and glass railings all throughout your home without overusing just one style.


Unobstructed View

If you have a nice view from your home, then why would you want to have it obstructed by your railing? Enjoy the view as you enjoy your deck or balcony by choosing frameless glass and aluminum railings. Keeping your view pristine is the only way to go, especially if you chose the location of your new build specifically for the vista.


Minimal Maintenance

Finally, there’s just no easier railing material to maintain than glass and aluminum. Iron railings rust easily while wood railings can rot. Aluminum and glass railings, on the other hand, stand up well to rust, moisture, and to temperature extremes. Cleaning is simple and straightforward; just give your railings a regular wipe-down with some glass cleaner and they will continue to sparkle.

Find the Perfect Aluminum and Glass Railings in Victoria, BC, for Your Home

You deserve to have unique and custom built glass and aluminum railings to go along with your custom built home. To get some inspiration about what you might want your new railings to look like, just take a look at Allied Glass’ selection of aluminum and glass railings in Victoria, BC. We even offer seamless glass railings if that’s more your style.

If you do find aluminum and glass railings that you love, then you can rest easy knowing that we also provide 24/7 emergency glass repair service in Victoria, BC. We know that glass damage can occur unexpectedly and can demand immediate attention, and we’ll be there right away.

Whether you are interested in our railings or in our Victoria, BC, emergency glass repair, don’t hesitate to contact Allied Glass today.


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