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Elevate Your Home Aesthetic with Glass Renovations and Bathroom Upgrades

73% of Canadians say they have renovated their homes in the past. Meanwhile, 20% of Canadians have plans for a big renovation in the near future. Are you one of them?

If so, you must consider using glass in your home and bathroom upgrades. Glass offers incomparable home aesthetics and countless other benefits.

What are the top benefits of using glass in your next home renovation? We discuss them in this guide, so keep reading to find out!

bathroom renovation with custom glass shower with black frame

Glass Renovations and Home Upgrades

There are dozens of ways to incorporate glass into your home and bathroom ideas. We are not just talking about replacing your glass windows, either. You can incorporate interior glass doors, glass stairwells, and even glass walls.

These bathroom design elements offer a modern, streamlined look. Plus, they reduce opaque barriers, allowing more natural light to diffuse throughout your home. More natural light makes even the smallest spaces look larger.

Plus, modern glass renovations do not have to reduce privacy or safety. Install frosted or patterned glass to keep people outside from seeing in. You can also use tempered glass to prevent shattering.

custom glass shower enclosure by Allied Glass

Glass in Bathroom Upgrades

Glass is a staple material in the bathroom. It is easy to clean and maintain. Plus, adding glass to your bathroom can make it look larger with all the natural light this material lets in.

Incorporate glass into your shower enclosure, shelving, or cabinet doors for a spa-like look. You can even add in a splash of the unexpected with a painted glass backsplash, glass vessel sink or glass tiles in the shower.

If you want something completely bespoke, consider customizing a bathroom skylight. Custom mirrors are also a beautiful addition. Try a vanity mirror or a one-of-a-kind full-length option.

Glass Railings

Staircase design has changed a lot over the past few decades. One of the most recent advances is the introduction of frameless and topless heavy glass railings.

Heavy glass railings feature thicker glass than conventional wood or aluminum framed railings. Without those structural components, it is the thicker, tempered glass that serves as a barrier between the stairway or landing and the floor below. Frameless styles offer a sleek, modern look, although metal and aluminum framing has come a long way to becoming a contemporary interior glass railing design style.

Heavy glass railings offer an unobstructed view of the interior of your home, elevating a sense of space and elegance.

But you don't just have to reserve glass railings for home interiors. At Allied Glass, we also specialize in glass deck and staircase railings for your exterior. In exterior applications, they are typically installed on decks when the home overlooks views that are appreciated when a top rail and frame no longer obstruct the vista.

These railings can stand up to whatever weather Victoria throws their way.

Let Allied Glass Help With Your Next Home Renovation in Victoria!

Using glass in your home and bathroom upgrades offers an incomparably modern and airy look. Try interior glass doors, glass bathroom accents, and interior glass railings for a unique home interior your neighbours will envy.

Are you looking for a glass company in Victoria? Allied Glass and Aluminum has the expertise to make your dreams a reality. Contact Allied Glass for a quote and find out how much your renovation will cost.



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