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How to Make a Sliding Glass Door Easy to Move

sliding glass doors in bright living room

Do you find yourself struggling to open your sliding glass doors? It's certainly a daily annoyance you could do without. It's one of those things that you say you'll get around to fixing, but life gets in the way. There are a few reasons why your sliding glass door is sticking and you'll be amazed how simple they are to remedy.

Clean the Tracks

Whether you have aluminum or uPVC sliding doors, the tracks are famous for collecting dirt and debris. Dust, dirt, leaves, pet hair and the like find their way into the runners of the tracks and into the seals and the rollers.

Cleaning the tracks is an important part of maintaining your doors. Brush or vacuum the tracks then wash with warm soapy water. Dry with a rag and your doors could be sliding freely again.

If the track has flat spots, broken areas or divots out of it, there are stainless steel track caps available that when installed will smooth out the rough spots.



Perhaps the lubricant on the rollers has dried out over time. Well-oiled rollers are essential for a smooth slide. You can clean and lubricate the tracks of your glass door to help it slide easily again.

Don't grab the cooking oil from the kitchen cupboard though! A silicone-based lubricant is best suited for sliding door movement, and it won't attract dust or dirt like other oils.


Unblock the Rollers

If your sliding door is still stuck, then it could be the rollers. Debris can get stuck in the rollers and make them run slower or not at all. Unblocking the rollers could be effective but be warned – it's a little labour-intensive.

It involves carefully removing the door from the track and laying it down so you can inspect the rollers. If they're seized or broken, you may need to arrange a professional repair. If they've collected debris, you can remove any blockages, clean them, lubricate them, clean the tracks and replace the door.


Replace the Lock

Having trouble getting the lock in your patio door handle to lock? The springs may be broken or worn which means it is time for a new handle.

Fix the Alignment

Have you noticed your sliding glass door lock does not line up with the catch? Or perhaps the door isn't sitting in the track as well as it used to and there are air gaps between the door and frame when it is closed. Even if the sliding glass doors were installed properly, poor alignment can occur over time.

This can be caused by weathering of the door materials over the years, broken rollers, or it can be caused by settling. Re-setting your doors is a job for the local residential glass professionals.


Time for a Sliding Glass Door Face Lift?

You can give these sliding door fixes a try, but it could be time for a little extra TLC for your sliding door. If the glass in your sliding glass doors is foggy or if there is condensation between the panes, it is time for new glass. Whether you need glass, or a new handle or lock, new wheels, stainless steel track or new sliding glass doors altogether, get a great value quote from Allied Glass in Victoria! Our technicians can usually repair your sliding glass door in one service call and make it operate like new, saving you thousands in replacement costs. If we can’t repair it, we can replace it.



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