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The Latest Trends in Glass Shower Doors: Choosing Between Frameless and Framed Options

In this volatile real estate market, homeowners are increasingly renovating their existing homes rather than risking a move and upgrading. New buyers are often purchasing “fixer-uppers” as a means of gaining a foothold in the market. Both trends fuel demand for glass shower doors, a key component in any bathroom renovation and a way for North American homeowners to affordably inject sophistication into their homes. 


Glass shower doors' simple, understated design fits seamlessly with any decor. They help create a clean, modern aspect for any bathroom and can increase the appeal of your home if you decide to sell it. 


If you want to enjoy these benefits, you have two main types of shower doors to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about framed and frameless shower doors. 

frameless glass shower enclosure


Frameless Glass Shower Doors

For a contemporary bathroom, a frameless shower door is an exceptional option. These types of shower doors feature thicker (typically 10 or 12mm), durable glass panels with no aluminum frames. The glass becomes the structure, removing any metal components.


Available in custom sizes for the ultimate design flexibility, frameless glass doesn't interrupt the flow of natural light into your bathroom and helps to create a sense of space in any bathroom by essentially disappearing. The eyes are drawn to the wall behind the glass, rather than stopping at the frame, thereby giving the effect of more space.


It's easy to keep these shower doors clean to maintain their sleek, stylish looks.

Frameless glass shower doors feature a multitude of hardware options to make up either a hinged, swinging door, or a sliding door. Sliding doors are often used when tight space is a consideration.


An increasingly popular trend is to eliminate the door altogether and have only a fixed panel near the shower head to keep water inside the shower, with a clear opening through which you enter at the other end. This option is also the most economical as the most expensive component, the door, is eliminated.


You can choose from three main types of tempered glass for your shower. They are:


  1. Clear glass for ultimate sophistication

  2. Frosted glass for extra privacy

  3. Textured glass for enhanced design options


As a bonus, frameless glass shower doors are easier to clean.  Since they have no frame or hardware, there are fewer areas for soap stains, dirt and grime to accumulate, making them easier to maintain. Additionally, a simple squeegee or microfiber cloth can be used to quickly wipe down the glass after each use, preventing the buildup of soap scum and water spots.


framed glass shower doors enclosure

Framed Glass Shower Doors

A framed glass door is also a sliding or swing door. Because of the frame’s support, the glass in a framed glass shower door is thinner – typically 6mm.


You can choose custom hardware from rollers, handles, and towel bars in a variety of colours and materials, like chrome or stainless steel when you install this type of shower. 


You may also choose from various panel configurations. Single sliding doors are easy to operate, while double doors offer extra space and accessibility for cleaning purposes. 


Explore Glass Shower Door Options with Allied Glass

Upgrading your glass shower doors can bring numerous benefits to your bathroom. Not only can it add a modern and sophisticated touch to your space, but it can also increase the functionality and ease of use of your shower. Remember that although your bathroom is primarily a functional space, it can also be a place to embrace tranquil relaxation. 


Choosing the right glass shower doors for your bathroom is the first step toward realizing these benefits. Contact Allied Glass in Victoria to learn more about glass shower door options for your next bathroom upgrade! 

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