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Custom Cut Glass in Victoria for All Your Needs

Custom cut glass is used in a number of decorative types of furniture and fixtures. Decorative items can need a custom glass with different thicknesses and edge finish. It is an essential element of contemporary interior designs. From countertops to furniture tops and entryway doors to shower compartment doors, custom cut glass is found in a wide of variety of residential and commercial applications. 

With years of experience in providing our clients with high-quality aesthetic glass,Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd is a reliable supplier of custom cut glass in Victoria. Whether you need custom cut glass for furniture tops or countertops in your store, we can provide you with  glass custom cut and shaped to match your needs. Call us today to get your custom cut glass in Victoria.

Applications of Custom Cut Glass

At Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd, we can provide services in a range of edge finishes for all your glass top requirements. Our professional workmen use high-tech equipment, tools and machinery to cut and shape glass slabs perfectly as per your needs. Here are some of the most common uses of custom cut glass:

  • Custom-made mirrors
  • Glass tabletops
  • Protective glass for wood furniture
  • Shower doors
  • Entryway doors
  • Custom cut glass for frames
  • Window replacement glass
  • And many more!

A Wide Range of Edge Finishes

Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd has years of expertise in custom glass cutting. We can provide you with high-quality glass slabs in a range of edge finishes that will complement your interiors. Being leaders in glass cutting and replacement, we offer you custom cut glass shaped to perfection. Following are some of the popular edge finishes:

  • Grind and Chamfer (Bevel)
  • Seamed Edges
  • Flat Polish

Why Choose Us

At Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd, we give you a combination of precision, accuracy and quality. When you trust us for your custom cut glass needs, we ensure that you get a perfectly shaped glass slab to enhance your furniture and countertops' aesthetics. Our attention to detail reflects in the quality of our custom cut glass. Through years of supplying custom cut glass to clients across Victoria, we have  the expertise to fulfill all kinds of customized glass needs. Reach out to us to request a quote.

Brilliant Custom Cut Glass in Victoria

 Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd is a reliable supplier of high-quality custom cut glass for all your decorative furniture, showcases and tabletops.

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